The Color Red

santa claus. mars. corvettes. fire trucks. geraniums. ladybugs. hot pink. raggedy ann and andy. hearts. valentines. venetian glassbeads. shiraz. malbec. baked clay. holly berries. barns. port side light. sofia's hair. ruby lipstick. ruby slippers. sailor's delight. rose colored glasses. chihuly's poppies. a single red rose...i don't have a favorite color. but i gravitate towards red. all shades of red. i love red food. pizza. pasta. roasted red peppers. beets. pomegranates. radishes. strawberries. rasberries. picante sauce. i'm old enough to wear a red hat, but i don't...i really like hats...just not red ones. i like red shoes. i like red bras. i wear red lipstick. my blackberry cover is red. i have a red boat. i drive a red pick-up truck. red makes me happy. kinda' like yellow makes me happy, only sexier.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Messages from Dad

Too often after someone we love dies, we think that we will never be able to communicate with them again...yes, we cannot hug them, but we can hug those who are still here that remind of of them...and messages come from them in other ways if we are open to receive them...I think of my dad a lot. Mostly when I see rainbows. Today he spoke to me in many ways...

I stayed home from work today...just felt like having some quiet time. My mom and Aunt Gloria were going to go to lunch together, so I knew it was good that they would have each other laugh, to cry, to talk, to share I just wanted some solitude. Prayer time. Time to remember what a wonderful father I had...

OK, first message of the day...One of the cool things that my dad and I shared was our love for ice cream!! Some nights after my mom went to bed, daddy and I would sneak a second bowl each while watching Johnny Carson. Just by coincidence today, Ben and Jerry's is giving away free ice cream kidding: FREE! How's that for a world-wide celebration of a great memory?

Second message: My youngest son stopped by to give me a hug. Rock was born on my dad's last birthday. Because of that I always feel my dad's energy through him. Mia was with him today, and she hugged me so tightly...I asked her, "did your daddy tell you that Mimi might need a big hug like that today?" She said, "No, I just love you that much!" That my dear father, is how much I loved you...still love you. Watching the two of them when they left, walking hand in hand together out to the car made me smile with big tears in my eyes, and a fullness in my heart that was somewhere between hurting and bliss...

Message number three...I go to the mailbox after Rocky leaves...there are no bills in my mailbox today...that in itself is very unusual. Instead, there are 3 items in the mailbox: my Real Simple magazine [Ah, I love that magazine] Daily Word magazine [today's word is Grace]...and a free gift from Blick Art Materials with a note that says, 'thank you for ordering your free gift'..well, let me say, I did NOT order a free gift. My dad was an artist...a cartoonist, and I choose to believe that somehow he got those paints and art board samples [cartoonists draw on art board] to me today--somehow, someway...

Then, when walking up to my front door, I noticed something move in the arbor above was two doves that did not get startled away, but rather sat perched looking down at me and waited sweetly while I ran inside to get my phone to take a picture, lest anyone not believe...Birds have always had strong symbolism of the spirit world for me...Think of the Holy Spirit. The fact that they were doves was another message indeed...

Later, two fellows show up to wax the red pick up truck. Chip did not tell me they would be here...They work for the man that normally takes care of our vehicles. Nate was busy on another job and couldn't be here. Normally, I would not be home either...I asked them their names...Michael & Anthony. That was my dad's given name: Michael Anthony...message number 5 and the day is not over yet!!

Thank you God for my ability to continue to feel my father's presence in each, I think I'll go paint.

Look for the rainbows!

The Naples Art Blogger

Thursday, April 7, 2011


This is a photo of the venue. There was a nice crowd. The 300 pictures were hung around the room. It was such an enjoyable evening-I cannot wait to participate again next year! Who knows? Maybe even as one of the artists!

This is Gina Fischer, well known local muralist, [me in the middle], and Natalie Guess, Naples most popular batik artist. I have known both of these two wonderful ladies for over 25 years, and have truly loved watching their talents evolve. They are amazing artists, but even more than that, they are incredible people! They both participated in this event!

It was a wonderful evening, enjoyed by one and all. I am very hopeful that it will become an annual event at The Jay & Patty Baker Naples Museum of Art! These are the 2 original works of art that I ended up with! The bottom piece, an abstract by Helen Schulman, with influences of the Hudson River School of Art--I just love her command of the light in the center of her painting--it drew me right into it, like a door to heaven.

The top painting, by Joel Babb, an artist from Maine, was my first selection. I was thrilled when my name was called so early in the drawing so that I was able to obtain this lovely picture...Next to my dearest friends and loving family, it represents my 3 passions: real estate, boating and art!

[both pictures can be viewed larger by clicking right on the photo. They measure 8" X 10"]
Thank you, and Make it a great day!

The Naples Art Blogger

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Incognito, Naples-style!

Is this ever going to be fun! At 4:30 today I will be arriving at The Naples Museum of Art along with 299 other lucky art lovers! The wonderful event, being sponsored by The Friends of the Art at The Jay and Patty Baker Museum of Art, with proceeds benefiting the museum and all the amazing exhibitions and lectures it brings to the citizens of Naples and our visitors & tourists. Included in the fund raising is monies raised to transport Collier County school children to the museum to enhance their education of the arts! We are incredibly blessed to have a venue of this caliber here in Naples Florida!

300 local, national and internationally known artists have participated by painting and donating an original 8" X 10" work of art. Everyone in attendance goes home with an original work of art, which is distributed by raffle drawing! As the tickets are drawn, the ticket-holders will select the painting of their choice! The paintings are signed on the back, so no one will know who their artist is until after they have made a selection! Later in the evening, after all the paintings have been selected, the artists will then be invited into the romm to meet the patron that selected their work! It will be so cool to meet the person whose art I am drawn...

I am thrilled to be attending! ~and, I hope to see you there!

The Naples Art Blogger

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Naples Neighborhoods, Then and Now

There is a wonderful exhibit at The Naples Depot featuring the works of one of Naples most beloved artists, Paul Arsenault. The show features paintings of historic neighborhoods around Naples with a goal of exploring how they have changed over the years. The Naples Depot is one of 5 museums operated in Collier County, and they all offer free admission. The hours of the Arsenault show are Monday-Friday 9-5 and Saturday 9-4. The show runs through April 24th. I'm sure you will see The Red Pick Up Truck parked there soon!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Rock

I'm working on a large "abstract"...It's actually non-objective, but many just refer to this genre as abstract...The difference is negligible to most, but I thought I would share the conversation I had with my 10 year old grandson last night because he described the subtle difference perfectly.
Rock: "Mimi, is this your new painting? What is it?"
Mimi: "Yes Rock, it's an abstract. Papa thinks I should call it Mother Nature."
Rock: "Oh, I can see that Mimi. I can see the wind swirling, and a waterspout, and even her eyes...What does abstract mean exactly?"
Mimi: "Actually Rock, it is non-objective. Mimi just paints her feelings. It doesn't represent anything in particular. It is whatever the observer sees. "
Rock: "Well then Mimi, then it actually represents everything."
Mimi: "I guess you are right Rock. Did you learn that at school?"
Rock: "No Mimi, it's just what i think. I like it. and, I think Papa is right--it's a good name..."
I wish all my critics were this smart!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Making Pretty Pictures

One of the best things about photography is that even when I am too busy to paint a picture, generally I am not too busy to take a picture! Here are just a few from my most recent outing [click on pix to enlarge]...Did you see the Red Pick Up Truck parked at the Botanical Gardens? It is now one of my most favorite of all places to make pretty pictures! I'm sure if you missed seeing me there the last time--you will see me there again and again! There are so many wonderful places in Naples to make pretty pictures...the beach, the pier, the zoo, the parks...Where is your most favorite place to take photographs?

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Becoming Well Red

IT'S SEASON, and there just isn't enough time in the day, week or month for me to become "well red"...I am working toward a goal of someday selling less and painting more...but in the meantime, there is an abundance of artsy things going on around Naples that satisfies my soul's yearning--and here are just a case you are looking for something artsy to do, too!

  • Naples International Art & Antique Fair is coming to the Naples International Pavilion located at Immokalee Road & Livingston Road starting February 25th through March 1st. I already have my tickets!

  • How about the "A Season Of Color" exhibit at The Sweet Art Gallery featuring the work of Joan Dunkle, Mary Ann Flynn Fouse, and Nancy Siebert this Friday night, February 25th from 6-9PM at 2054 Trade Center Way.

  • Naples National Art Festival, rated one of the top in the country, runs from 10 AM to 5 PM at Cambier Park in Olde Naples, on February 26th and 27th! You will definitely see the red pick up truck parked along 8th Street south on Sunday!

Thank you for letting me ramble today--hopefully I'll see you at one of these amazing venues this weekend...look for the red pick up truck!

Make it a great day,

The Red Pick Up Artist

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Red Valentine Hearts

Because i love the color red, you can imagine that i love Valentine's Day...Valentine's day is all about love...Valentine's Day is all about red! I've been wearing heart jewelry and red shoes and red scarfs all month...First thing this morning I opened the paper to find the Publix grocery store sale flier filled with red hearts...on every page! Rarely do i take the time to read the Publix grocery store sale flier, but today i couldn't help but look at every page because of all the red valentine hearts...Hmmmmmm...a big bag of Hershey Kisses on sale for $3.99...Valentine balloons, red roses, champagne, a heart-shaped cheese cake with strawberries...very nice...very red. I then stopped home for lunch and opened the mailbox only to find amongst the bills and junk mail two lovely red envelopes...oh goody...Valentine cards, in red envelopes...from friends that i love...both with red valentine hearts...much better than getting bills! Red hearts are everywhere i look lately...February magazine covers are decked out in red...Every window along 5th Avenue is decorated in red...card stores in the mall are all in red...why my own home has red towels with hearts on them in the guest bath, and a red heart wreathe on the front gate, and red heart lights strung across the back porch...All my "Red Books" are on the coffee table...I set the table for dinner each night with red heart napkins...
red candles...
I'm enjoying all this red...and all this talk of love...The Red Valentine Heart season just doesn't last long enough for me...

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Gina & me

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Chalk Art 2011

Gina and I began our art work before 8 AM yesterday morning...There were 102 total squares sold to businesses, individuals and sponsors to raise funds for the local Rotary Club scholarship fund! There were both professional artists, amateur artists and students working on their masterpieces throughout the day. Our picture measured 9' X 9' and took us over 8 hours to complete. I chose a home that Chip & I recently sold as the subject of our painting. Many of the passer-bys recognized the home, as it is a landmark in Olde Naples, because of its location near a very popular beach access, and also because of its distinct Lighthouse! So many of our friends and customers stopped to give us encouragement. For me, in addition to giving of our time, talent and treasure to a worthy cause, it was a gift just to spend the entire day creating along side my friend Gina. She is a remarkable mural artist here in Naples. If you are interested in seeing more of her work, please call her at 239.564.5475.
When I spoke with her earlier today and asked her how she was feeling she said, "I feel like I was run over by a little red pick-up truck!" ha ha
Yes, today we are both a bit sore, but we are already looking forward to our next art outing!

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chalk Art 2011 & The 14th Annual Naples Invitational Art Fest!

"The world is but a canvas to the imagination."
~Henry David Thoreau
There are a lot of artsy things going on around Naples this weekend! I can tell you right now, you will see The Red Pick-Up Artist working along side popular Naples muralist Gina Fischer on 5th Avenue all day on Saturday, January 29th...They can be found right in front of the blue & white Coldwell Banker Previews building in the 500 block of Naples main street, 5th Avenue South! They are planning to create a masterpiece depicting one of Olde Naples charming homes. This fund raiser is benefiting The Rotary Scholarship Fund, and over 5,000 spectators are expected to watch 5th Avenue turn into a huge, color splashed canvas! Please, if you happen to make your way downtown, Gina and The Red Pick-Up Artist would really appreciate you voting for your "favorite" street painting...and we really hope it's ours!
Also this weekend, The Art Fest will be attracting well-known artists from around the country. Taking place in Fleischmann Park, this juried art show benefits 'Eden Autism Services Florida'. There will be 132 artists showing their work at the park. The Art Fest will run both Saturday and Sunday from 10 AM to5 PM. For more information about this amazing undertaking and the charity that they support please click here: EDEN FLORIDA
These are just 2 of the amazingly artful happenings you can expect to find in Naples this weekend...It's no wonder Naples was named "Best Small Art Town in America"...and it's no wonder The Red Pick-Up Artist lives here!
A few more LINKS to this weekends activities: Bayshore Festival of the Arts and the Harry Chapin Empty Bowl fund raiser in Cambier Park!
Thanks everybody, and have a great weekend!
The Red Pick-Up Artist

Thursday, January 20, 2011

"Me" Time

Superman: "Easy miss, I've got you."
Lois: You--You've got me? Who's got you?"
Sometime between dozing off to dreamland at night...with a smile on my face in anticipation of the day ahead...knowing I have put time aside for me..."me time", the alarm goes off...the phone rings...and again a choice is made between that which I love to do: sell houses...and that which I long to do: paint! Alas, it is generally much easier for me to say 'no' to me...and thus another day begins in the busy life of a Naples real estate agent...Like Clark Kent, I put on the suit, head to the office...keeping that true identity hidden...shhhhhhhhhhh!
And so today, to nurture that artist within...when all the real estate blogging, emailing, calling, brochure making, showing homes, checking on listings, ad deadlines, postcard mailing, website managing duties are done--you will find the Red Pick-Up Truck at the Preview Reception at The von Liebig Art Center. There I will breathe in the works of Mathias J. Alten and Terry Krumm...I will enjoy my fellow members exhibition in the Members Gallery where I hope someday to display my own painting or photograph...As always, I will be inspired and I will go home again...hoping for that 'me time'!
No matter who you are or what you do...whether you are the one falling, or the one high, and make it a wonderfully creative, inspiring day.
The Naples Art Blogger

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Step One~The Beginning

Every journey begins with one step...

Yesterday I went to the art supply store and spent hours picking out mats and frames for my photography [see photo inset]. ..filling the cart with paper and stickers, and yarn, and jewels, and wonderful treasures for decorating boxes...and best of all: I bought a HUGE canvas! I can't wait to begin the journey...I have taken the first step. The end is in my mind and I am going to enjoy every single creative, joyful, inspiring moment!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


"I dream of painting, and then I paint my dream."
~Vincent van Gogh
Define "resolution"...a dozen things come to mind...but this time of year, perhaps the first thing that comes to many, is making a New Year's Resolution, right?
A formal expression of an intention...both business and personal promises...made usually with the full knowledge that they likely will soon be broken. Of course...because they are usually promises we make to ourselves...
Sometime between dozing off to dreamland...with a smile on my face in anticipation of the day ahead...knowing I have put time aside in the coming day for time...a blank canvas and new tubes of paint....The alarm goes off...then the phone rings...and I am forced yet again to make a choice between that which I love to do: sell pretty houses...and that which I long to do: paint pretty pictures...Alas, no new year's resolution to date has made this choosing any easier...and thus another day begins in the busy life of a mild mannered real estate agent....and, like Clark Kent, I put on the suit, head to the office and keep my true identity hidden...maybe it's about time I step out of the phone booth...dressed in my red mask...and make my resolution a bit more PUBLIC!
Other definitions for RESOLUTION include:
  1. The process of distinguishing between two separate but adjacent objects or sources of light.
  2. A solution
  3. Reduction to a simpler form
  4. Firmness of purpose.

Read these definitions s l o w l y . Meditate on each one. Take them into your heart. Is it any wonder we call it, A New Year's an effort to find purpose in our lives...a simpler way to do something...a solution...

So then, tell me...Why don't we keep these self-made promises? After all, they really are all intended to make life easier...dieting, exercising, quitting bad habits...spending more time doing that which we long to do....these extend life...bring us more joy...more health...more peace of mind.

For me, in 2011, I am putting it ALL out there...I WILL be spending more time in The Red Pick-Up Truck...I will not neglect my real estate obligations, but instead I will come up with more creative and effective ways to get my job done efficiently, with joy in my heart...Then, I can paint more, and attend more art shows, and gallery openings! I WILL make the time to take a few classes at The von Liebig Art Center...I WILL, I WILL! These appointments with me will be penned in on my calendar in permanent ink, just like those scheduled showings and open houses. I WILL carry into 2011 the my passion for helping make people's real estate dreams come well as honoring my own dreams...Every single simple, huge, passionate, beautiful, indistinguishable source of light that I can dream!

Happy New Year everyone...dream big!

The Naples Art Blogger

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Who am I?

"People think a soul mate is your perfect fit, and that's what everyone wants. But a true soul mate is a mirror. The person who shows you everything that is holding you back. The person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life."
~Elizabeth Gilbert
Above my desk at work I have this little cartoon of a dog tied to a tree with a paint brush in his paw...when he tries to reach the easel, the leash stops him just shy of getting his brush on the canvas. I've had it there for years...
I look at that cartoon each day.
It is very symbolic of the struggle I have internally: Wanting to 'break free' and just paint, and write, and take photographs, and go to art classes...yet, bound to the tree: the real world of a 30 year career in real estate which has fed me which I do very well...for which i have so much for which to be grateful for. Therein lies the rub.
I love the creative side that being Chip's partner has allowed me to pursue these past few years. The social networking...designing brochures, advertising campaigns....postcards, websites, blogging...Seldom does a real estate agent "slash" artist get to express herself, as I have been able to do these past 3 decades, in so many ways. I consider myself very fortunate. Yet, it's that canvas that I can't reach that I keep tugging towards. Here's an example: Just this week, my wonderful husband thought he would surprise me by having a sign made for the red pick up truck with my name & number, blog address and logo. He was so excited to surprise me. It was such a thoughtful gesture...the only problem is, I freaked out...completely went to pieces...I wasn't fact i don't think I have loved my husband more than at that very moment...and it made me sadder than I can even describe to disappoint him. I wasn't ready to announce that to the whole wide world. Oh, I thought I was ready...I thought I had "jumped" off the cliff---obviously I hadn't. Instead I have thought of every conceivable reason why I cannot possibly drive around town 'exposing my true identity'...I wanted a nice little magnetic know, something I could put on and take off until I was ready for something more permanent. Instead of it freeing me to be who I am, it just felt like it added more pressure for me to become The Red Pick Up ARTIST before I was really ready. I know it is fear-based. I am just plain scared. It's what I want, but I have been struggling to touch that canvas for so long, that being given permission to actually do it makes me wonder what will happen if I don't have the tree anymore...
I am blessed that Chip is my soul mate...I think I'll go paint now.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Martini Glass Auction

"Painting is so poetic, while sculpture is more logical and scientific...makes you worry about gravity." ~Damien Hirst

...even the artist wore red....

...this is the glass I bid on and won!

...I love red walls.

There was a lot of excitement in the shoe department at Saks last night...
The Martini Glass Auction, held last night raised a lot of money for The Naples International Film Festival...the beautiful glasses were on display, the artists were there greeting the bidders...everyone looked so good, smelled so good...and the shoes! oh, the shoes were amazing!
laughter & energy filled the room...I was very proud of my dear friend Gina.
Gina painted 13 of the 30+ glasses being auctioned. I was thrilled to bid on and win the very first martini glass auctioned off: painted by Gina, and signed by Candace Bushnell, the creator of
Sex and the City! ~Of course, need you ask, it has shoes painted on it!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Arts in Downtown Naples

"I dream a lot. I do more painting when I'm not painting. It's in the subconscious."
~Andrew Wyeth
There are so many upcoming events on the calendar for the downtown Naples area, it's almost impossible to keep up with it all! One great site to log onto to get details of what is happening is The Naples Art website. Mark your calendar now for the 2011 Lecture Series schedule. Also, the entire Studio Art Classes and Workshops are also listed on this site! One of mt most favorite events will be held at The von Liebig Art Center is the Non-Juried All Artist Members Show of Shows Exhibit and Members' Gallery Opening Show of the Season! November 6th through November 27th.
The Naples Art Festival season is kicking off its 54th season, [no wonder Naples was named best small art town in the nation] on November 6th with ART IN THE PARK! This is held on Park Street from 10 am to 4 pm and will showcase the von Liebig's member artists! The Naples Fall Fine Art & Craft Festival will be held on November 27th & 28th [see, I told you there's a lot of upcoming events]!
Have a great day,
The Naples Art Blogger

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ordering One Happy Mail

One Happy Mail To Go Please!

I remember when I was a little girl and the JC Penny and Sears Christmas Catalogs arrived. I spent hours going through every page, over and over page corners, circling items, paper clipping...dreaming, wishing...praying for the objects of my, clothes, books, stationery, new sheets [yes, and I still love picking out a new set of sheets every year at Christmastime] Over the years my Christmas list has changed a bit....more practical gifts became the norm for most of my "middle" years...crock pot, car vacuum, calgone...Now it is more important to me to make Christmas special for my is their dreams and wishes I want to see come true...BUT, [big but] something arrived in the mail yesterday...a catalog the likes of which usually gets thrown into the recycle bin before I ever get a chance to know that it ever made its way into our mailbox...I think somehow my husband knew, "Michele would probably like to browse through this catalog." He was right!

This is what I like to call "H a p p y Mail"!

It's the Blick Studio Holiday 2010 Gift Guide. Their slogan is "Artists Pick Blick"--The prices are extreeeeeemely competitive...and I've ordered from them before--the online instructions are simple...Click here to take a peek: Or you can just call their toll free number: 800.828.4548.

This artist picks Blick, and I can't wait to dog-ear a few pages...Oooooo! They have a 'gifts for kids' section! I am going to enjoy this FOR SURE...dreaming, and wishing, and praying for objects of my desire...heading home now to have a happy mail...bye!

What's on your Christmas wish list?

The Naples Art Blogger

Monday, October 11, 2010

"Underground Art Wednesday"

Sprinkled about the industrial park in North Naples one would be surprised to find an eclectic mix of artists' studios and wonderful galleries...a haven for working artists tucked back in amongst the typical industrial metal buildings and drab commercial facades....
Most folks take that drive south on Airport Road, then west on Pine Ridge without ever giving a second thought to what treasures may be discovered on those streets with names like J & C Blvd., Shirley Street and Trade Center Way. For the 33+ years that I've lived in Naples, these streets have never conjured up more than an image of an electrical supply house or tile distributor...But somewhere along the way one artist became two, and two became three, and now there are no less than a couple dozen studios and galleries...this is the North Naples Art Alliance!

Sweet Art Gallery

Last Wednesday, October 6th, I had the pleasure of attending the first "Underground Art Wednesday" of the 2010-2011 season. I was told that this is their 4th year. This unique event occurs on the first Wednesday of every month from October thru April from 6-9 PM. Typically many of the studios in the North Naples Art Alliance participate. I began the evening at Sweet Art Gallery located at 2054 Trade Center Way. I was astounded at the caliber of art on display--there is no shortage of local talent in Naples. As an example, Sharon Erbe, whom I have long admired and whose work I enjoy so completely for the joy it evokes...the movement and color in her paintings is pure happiness. She is one of the proprietor's featured artists. DeDe Sweet was warm and gracious. She pointed out immediately upon our introduction, that 'Sweet' is her real name---and it fits her too a T! She is so passionate about her gallery and 'her' featured artists! I was especially struck by the work of one up and coming painter, Juan Diaz. I absolutely want him to be one of the very first local artist that I interview for this blog!

I invite all art lovers, decorators and designers to the next "Underground Art Wednesday" on November 3rd...and please look for the red pick-up truck in the parking lot because I'll be there!

Here are a few shots from inside Sweet Art Gallery!

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Seeing Red!

Look around you...there are amazingly ordinary beautiful things in ALL shades of  red for your eyes to behold! These photos were taken while looking up at a canvas cover at a sidewalk cafe'. When was the last time you "saw red" and it felt this good?

Tell me, what do YOU see in these pictures?

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Guess Who?

Guess Who?

Any idea who this future artist might be? Well, if you guessed that it's me, you are correct! This painting was done by an artist in New York City in 1959. His name is Francesco Bologna. It is signed by him on the back, which i found very interesting. I was told that his brother is Joseph, who is a movie actor---you may have heard of him. I tried to "Google" him, but couldn't find anything. We actually have two paintings done by him. The other one is of a clown, which now is hanging in my son Rocky's house. [I need to take a photo of it the next time I'm there]. My father did not like this painting at all. Like most daddies, he thought I was prettier than this interpretation. My Uncle Art however, loved this painting, and so my parents gave it to him. My uncle returned this picture to me during his very last visit to see me here in Naples. He told me that over the years, everytime he moved into a new home, this was the very first thing he ever hung on a wall. Uncle Art died last year...Now everytime I look at this painting I think of him...I love the fact that Francesco "put" me in a smock. My mother tells me that when I posed for this picture I was in a dress with a white collar. I think this is much more "Rembrandtesque", and makes me look like the little artist that I was back know, before someone told me that tree barks couldn't be purple... 

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What Is Your Color Personality?

Red symbolizes passion, love, action, courage,
Did you know? It is the 'warmest' color?
Did you know wearing a red accessory can boost your confidence? 
Decorating a room in neutrals, then adding a red pillow, draws the attention to the pillow immediately!
It is said that the color red has more personal associations than any other color...

Some people believe that red is the first color a baby sees.
Red is the color associated with the 'root chakra'...the root chakra deals with life at the level of practicality.
Red red red red red red.......

So, we know red is high-energy, blue is calming, yellow projects warmth and happiness...but, do you think your attraction to a color means you have the same qualities? After the litany of adjectives above, I'd like to think so...
There are many color quizzes; all a lot of fun to take...I personally like the ones on Squidoo! Log onto  !! Let me know what your results are. I'll post my results as well!

Thanks, and have a great day!
The Red Pick-Up Artist

Friday, September 10, 2010

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Ok, I'm doing it....wait a i go...I am leaping...right on the edge more step...deep breath..."Geronimo!"

"I am an artist."
...and, I love the color red!

I don't have a favorite color...I love all colors! However, when I think of what color moves me---truly moves me...what color I gravitate is red. 

Silence is holy. divine messages can be heard in the silence. sweet spiritual connections. creative ideas. ssshhhhhhhhhhh...

~Recently, during a Silent Saturday at Unity, I began journaling about what it means to keep a true thought led to another, which led to another...words came to me faster than i could write--but, when i was was very clear to me: I had to tell people my secret. I am an artist.
Oh, I know what you're thinking..."Michele has always loved to paint...take art classes, write poetry, take photos, make presents, decorate boxes, arrange flowers..." 
But, this isn't what I'm taking about--I'm talking about having the courage to actually affirm, with absolute truth, that in addition to being a wife, daughter, mother, mimi, friend, volunteer, real estate agent---that maybe even above all else...I am an artist!
~this is my way of saying thank you to God...and--This blog is being created to affirm that statement: "I AM an Artist"!.

Of course, I will write about art...
I will write about art shows. art walks. art galleries. art openings. art auctions.
art in Naples. art in New York. art in Paris. art in wherever-art-is.
I will write about other artists. other artists' work. other artists' blogs.

The red-thing just happened during that same silent meditation...spirit spoke to me...said, hey Michele, you love the color are drawn to it. it makes you happy. it is a strong, passionate color. it motivates you. [I added that]
--Then I had this funny vision of myself cruising around town in Chip's bright red pick-up truck with these massive paint brushes hanging off the thing you know I'm jotting down all the things in the world that i love that are red...I'm beginning to 'see red' everywhere I look...I mean, the world is mostly blue and green...and when you 'see red' it really gets your attention: tail lights, stop signs, no u-turns, exit signs, the flag on a mail-box...I sketched the Red Pick-Up Artist logo in minutes...zooooommm! I was off!

So, the whole thing makes perfect sense to me. I am a creative being.
I want to share and express my love of art...and other artists love of art...amen.

I hope you will come along for the ride!